Fayetteville’s Holistic Yoga Center

Welcome to Hayat Yoga Shala: Fayetteville, NC’s Holistic Yoga Center.  We dedicate our time to provide you a safe and loving environment, where together, we practice the ancient art of yoga and offer a number of holistic and wellness services.

We believe: One breath, one moment, one step at a time. Yoga for all.

Discover YOUR tribe, JOIN our community, and connect with your SOUL.

Hayat Yoga Shala offers a variety of yoga classes including heated, unheated, restorative, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Yin Yoga, Power Fusion, Buti, Kids Yoga, and more. See our schedule for more details and find your FLOW.


Upcoming Events

Latin Dance – Every Wednesday and Thursday – Hayat Yoga  Shala – Learn more

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Practicing Asteya

Many of our yoga students have been participating in a set dharma intention at the studio. Every few weeks, there is a new focus. This two week focus is about

Fall 2019 Yoga Teacher Training

Hayat Yoga Shala is pleased to announce our Yoga ReEvolution Teacher Training Program Fall Edition for 2019! Registration is limited!! Only 15 spaces available. Outlined below is basic information regarding

Dharma Intention – Asana

The month of May had a focused dharma intention of "asana". Asana is the third of the 8 limbs of yoga. Oh beloved Asana practice..Have we forgotten that you are