Danielle Roth


Danielle was first introduced to yoga in college as an elective credit, she thought that it would be a good physical workout and a class she would enjoy.
She quickly became attached with how her body felt and how she was positively effected inside and out. After her semester was over, she reached out to find studios in her area, but with no luck of finding a home studio, she continued her own practice periodically through videos and yoga like workout classes at her gym.

Her journey has been a long one, with really becoming developed in
her practice at the beginning of 2016 after a new friend from the gym invited her to a class at Hayat Yoga Shala. The flame had once again been ignited and she dove even deeper into the yogi world. Yoga was an amazing addition to her current workout regimen. It continued to improve her flexibility and she could feel the spiritual transition.

In the beginning of 2017 she decided to take her practice even farther and enrolled in her RYT-200 course. After completing her 200hr she had found a warm place
in her heart that drove her to share the positive impact that yoga can have in your everyday life. She teaches Hot and warm vinyasa flow, really hoping to guide others to connect to their inner self and even just for a moment, take the time to nurture the mind and body. Everything starts with a step, or in this case an asana. She would love to share a space with you, combining all energies in one room, growing the yogi family and making the world a happier place.