Denise Westenhaver


Denise’s yoga journey began in 2004. She bought Bryan Kest’s Power yoga DVDs and started a home practice for physical fitness. She began to have a positive shift in her perspective and attitude, which she hadn’t expected. This intrigued her and led her to delve deeper into yoga, creating a strong home practice.

On moving to Savannah, GA, in 2010, Denise joined Savannah Yoga Center and really thrived in group practice. She gained so much in self realization and connection to her spirit through yoga that she was compelled to take teacher training. She received my RYT 200 hr in May 2017 at Savannah Yoga Center, and shortly thereafter, moved here to Fayetteville.

She is a military spouse, an emergency room nurse of 9 years, and a mother. Yoga has helped her undertand and work through the stress and chaos in her life, and she feel it is her dharma to help others understand themselves and attain peace through yoga. Denise is excited to bring her knowledge and inspiration gained through her practice, teacher training, and retreats to the mat. In her personal practice, she loves backbending and arm balances. When teaching, she loves to share creative and introspective flows. She also loves to lead yoga nidra classes for deep relaxation. Denise would be honored to have you come practice with her…She truly believes yoga is for everyone!