Dharma Intention – Asana

The month of May had a focused dharma intention of “asana”.

Asana is the third of the 8 limbs of yoga.

Oh beloved Asana practice..Have we forgotten that you are just the icing on the cake of our journey to finding stillness within?

Asana literally means “seat”. It is historically said that the only posture in yoga was a comfortable seat taken for long periods of mediation. To support the body and prepare it for those long meditations other postures were developed. The postures were used to increase hip flexibility to sit cross-legged, stimulate the chakra system and nadis to provide an open channel for energy to flow.

“Asana” is a very thought-provoking term, since thinking of each posture as a place to find the meditative “seat” or state of mind brings the practice away from just the physical movement and begins the journey of the mind looking inward. It also reinforces the idea that a practitioner should try seated meditation in addition to practicing postures.”

Let’s find the seat in each posture. Let’s find the focus with every breath and every movement. Focusing on the how, why, inner strength and inner strength of all postures for the month of May.

All you desire is right here for you. Creating the strong mind that is supported by the strong body that allows you to sit in stillness and find your centerline. All chakras. Challenging practices. Yes, you can.