George Zaun

George Zaun


George ZaunGeorge’s first experience with yoga was at a gym in Dubois, PA in 2001. Had not done group classes of anything before, but it was something he had been curious about for a long time.

He practiced weekly there for about a year or so. He loved the classes – always something new to learn. Initially, he was impressed by how good it felt to counter weight lifting and cardio – Always enjoyed the adjustments to keep me on track and go deeper into poses. Then George really started to gain an appreciation for meditation.

His next experience was with Les Mills Body Flow here in Fayetteville several years later.  Body Flow is much quicker than actual yoga, plus it has Pilates and Tai Chai mixed with it. Similar, but different from pure yoga. They teach occasional pure yoga classes, but normally just Body Flow. This has been a great experience, teaching him many more poses and becoming about a three time a week practice. He has been doing this for about seven years.

Several of the Body Flow instructors are also yoga instructors. This led him to a deeper experience – things more spiritual, more into meditation and the use of essential oils. Also a much deeper curiosity – what can he do, where can he can take this.

George had talked with a couple of my instructors about how they acquired their teaching knowledge – finding out that many have to travel to numerous locations over several years to gain their 200 hour teaching certificate. Being presented the opportunity to complete this part of his journey in one spot in six months is fantastic. Certainly doesn’t lessen the workload, but it is a great opportunity to have one stable leader and a core team to work with to complete this step in the journey.

The endless opportunities to learn and practice the different styles of yoga has become a beautiful endless journey.

As long as he is willing and breathing, the journey will continue.