Isabelle Darling

Meet new yogi trainee, Cardio Core Instructor and Wellness Guide Isabelle Swan-Mae Darling. Isabelle is a mental health advocate who has dedicated her work to refugees, war survivors and survivors of torture. Her work has taught her the importance of balance, the symbolic power of both water and fire, and the limitless human capacity that is revealed in the face of challenge.  For Isabelle yoga offers opportunities for transformation. How does a chest-opening position on the mat allow you to be open-hearted in your life?

She has practiced yoga on and off for years but began to fully incorporate yoga into her life two years ago at Hayat’s Yoga Shala. It was at the Shala that she found new heights to her healing practice and a loving community. Isabelle is also a Wellness Guide at the Hayat Wellness Shala and a Reiki Level II practitioner.

Isabelle will begin her yoga teacher certification with Hayat Yoga Shala in January 2019.  Continue your wellness journey with Isabelle by attending her cardio core classes or booking a wellness session at the Wellness Shala.