Leyla Puskar


Creating art is a state of mind, what you think and feel will inevitably show up in the outcome of your work. Much like how the attitude you bring to your yoga mat has an effect on your yoga practice. As an artist, Leyla employs sculpture and printmaking primarily for their requirement of thought, planning and physicality when making work. She finds the physical and mental demands of printmaking and sculpture similar to those of yoga.
To Leyla, both yoga and art is about understanding the mind, the body and the connection we have to the world around us. It is about finding that moment of singularity through complete awareness. Through yoga and art making, she is able to find this flow state. This state unites her with the moment and her genuine self. It is here that she finds strength and understanding.

Leyla’s objective in both art and yoga is to inspire those around her and herself to live up to our fullest potentials. As a yoga teacher, she seeks to guide students into their own flow states. Combining every movement with a breath, she creates an environment that harbors focus, intention and a good amount of sweat! Ultimately, her goal is to lead people to find their own ways to live moment to moment with conscious intent and direction.