Manyla Morales


Manyla took her first yoga class in college as an elective, doubtful it would benefit her. A tragic car accident had put her on a downward spiral for several years and left her void of happiness, motivation, and a positive outlook. Her initial time on the mat was literally lifesaving. She felt the stirrings of life and positive energy reemerge after being dormant for so long. After the course, she practiced on and off using DVD’s until she moved back home in 2011 and found a studio. She was introduced to hot yoga by a friend and instantly fell in love. Over the next few years she learned to control her PTSD, depression and anxiety through yoga and meditation. She is eternally grateful for the healing path yoga opened for her.

Manyla married my husband in 2015 and the Army brought them to Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. In January 2016, she began practicing at Hayat Yoga Shala. The incredible energy and instructors she found here gave her a place to nurture her mind, body and soul as she continued her full-time job as a dental hygienist.

In 2018, she decided to take her love of yoga a step further and completed her RYT-200 certification. Yoga has taught her it is possible to bounce back from what life throws at you and to look for the lesson in those moments. It has developed resiliency in her and helped her find her inner strength.

She hopes to share the incredible benefits of yoga with her students and show them that anyone can practice yoga at any stage of life. She teaches heated and unheated flows to multi-level students, as well as Yin Yoga.

She loves nature, reading, traveling and food. She invites you to join her on your mat and start with one breath, one moment to see the possibilities yoga holds for you. Namaste!