Nakiya Smith


Nakiya loves to dance. Dance has “saved” her life on more than one occasion. In 2015, she once again sought rhythmic movement to find the answers to confusion and loss in her life . However, it was her love of dance that began her yoga journey. In February 2015, Nakiya met Hayat while Latin dancing,  and then she started coming to the studio to practice. As she was trying to put the pieces of her life back together, yoga began to be that glue. In January of 2016, Nakiya began the Yoga Garden Teacher Training here at the Hayat Yoga Shala. As the mysteries of yoga were unchained for her, so were the self- imposed chains in her life. As an act of gratitude to the universe for the blessings bestowed upon, her teaching journey begins in this same studio. She teaches (school aged) Kids Yoga, Hot Flow and Yin.