Capoeira is a beautiful mix of dance, martial arts, music, culture, and acrobatics that will work all areas the human physique and mental resolve. If you want to greatly increase your agility, strength and overall health, you need to try Brazilian Capoeira.

Capoeira is a “game” of fluid motions, kicks, tricks, and acrobatics created by African slaves working on plantations as a form of subversion towards their masters in colonial Brazil. The Portuguese colonists brought Africans over to Brazil starting in the 16th century, and with the Africans came rich cultures of dance, music, fighting styles and oral tradition, which can be seen partly today through the art of Capoeira. 
Training Capoeira affects all aspects of you life and not just because training makes you more physically fit. Capoeira will help you get stronger, more flexible, gain agility and increase coordination. But those are just the physical benefits of training. Capoeira also allows you to learn about another culture and a new language, introduces you to people from all different types of backgrounds, helps you to gain more confidence in yourself, and gives you a community of people who will help you to stay motivated to train. In Brazil, it is normal to see people who train Capoeira into their 80s and 90s. It is a life-long practice that keeps you young physically and young at heart.
Teaching classes is Graduada Amazona from the group Capuraginga. She started training capoeira in 2010 under Mestrando Mago of Capuraginga in Colorado Springs, CO when she was in college. After graduating college, she . commissioned in the Air Force and then spent two months in Brazil working in favelas, taking language classes and training capoeira. After returning, she was then stationed in Texas where she was able to continue her training under Mestrando Advogado in San Antonio. In 2015, she was reassigned to Pope Army Air Field, NC and continued training and teaching on the base until reaching the point where she could open up weekly classes starting at Hayat Yoga Studio. 

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